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Hi Doug,

Thank you for your excellent professionalism in repairing/restoring our two clocks,
We are extremely happy, and satisfied, and we know that they will be with us, working, for time immemorial.
We have paid your latest invoice by bank transfer today, thanks

Best wishes,
K and A, Banbury, Oxon



Good morning Doug,

A sweet chiming grandfather clock doing well.
I have paid your account this morning. With our grateful thanks for doing a fine job. We are delighted with the service and high quality repair of our treasured family grandfather clock. You have brought it back to life after not working for more than 20 years.
Thanks to your work we can pass it on down our family line in splendid working order.

Best regards
B and J, Hornton, Banbury



Hi Doug,

We are absolutely delighted to have Suzanne's clock back and working.
Thank you so much for the time and trouble and patience that you put into this enterprise, which I know was a rather frustrating experience for you. Nevertheless, you won in the end.

All best wishes
DB, Oxfordshire



Dear Doug,

The Bracket Clock is ticking the way it should for the first time in half a century, accurate to a few seconds in 24 hours.
It was a pleasure to meet a master craftsman for a change.

Many Thanks
PM, Brackley



Hi Doug,

We are really pleased with what you and your cabinet maker did to bring our heirloom back to life.
You are very professional and very friendly. Many thanks!
Although the clock sounds fairly loud downstairs it didn't disturb us at all upstairs!

Thanks again.
R and K, Stratford on Avon



Dear Mr Stickley,

Thank you so much for all the work you have done on my bracket clock for the second time in your busy life, it is happily ticking away as I write.
I am also very pleased with the look and the accuracy of the carriage clock which you have restored it looks young again.
I am most grateful

Sincerely yours
Mrs H



Dear Mr Stickley,

Grandfather is ticking well and the boat continues to sail onwards! I do appreciate all the time and effort repairing him that you have taken.
Enclosed is a cheque for ... which I know no way covers all your work and time and for that I am most grateful that you have charged the sum you have. Thank you so much for all the work you did on grandfather.

Best wishes
Mrs P



Dear Doug,

Thank you so much for fixing and returning the clock, also for sorting the problem to the trap door on the kitchen clock. I am very grateful.

Thank you again Doug, lovely to see you fleetingly.



Dear Doug,

Thank you so much for repairing the clock, I will certainly be back to you when the other clock decides to play up again.

Kind Regards



Dear Mr Stickley,

I enclose my cheque for ... I am thrilled to have the family clock back and restored to such a high standard. 1720 has seen many hours go by, if a clock could talk it would have many tales to tell.
Thank you very much indeed we have the whole family with us for Christmas they will all be happy to hear its chime!

Yours sincerely
Mrs B W



Dear Mr Stickley,

Many thanks for the clocks, they are both working so well and keeping very good time. Enclosed cheque as required, look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Mr B



Dear Doug,

We have now managed to regulate our contrary clock to an accuracy of within less than a minute a week.
Since this has now been achieved, I am now happy to enclose my cheque.




Doug ,

Please find a cheque enclosed for ... as per your invoice.
The clock looks fantastic and I am very happy with the way it has turned out. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your work on both my clocks.

Kind Regards



Dear Mr Stickley,

Thank you, the clock is happily working and looks fantastic.




Hi Doug,

Yes the clock is running brilliantly thanks, have not wound it up yet and in all this time it has only gained around a 90 seconds. We can't thank you enough for such a great service, we now have a clock that it is bringing us so much joy. I did not think I would be time watching so much since retiring.

Kind Regards,




Liz; my wife, got back late last night and I didn't have a chance to reply - she absolutely loves it!
That's two of us over the moon with our long-case plus our little girl singing Hickory Dickory Dock - A lot.
Thank you again for a FANTASTIC job. Delighted with it. ...




Dear Mr. Stickley,

Thank you for your most skilled restoration of our longcase clock. It sounds splendid, and keeps perfect time.
We look forward to being in touch with you about the small HAC clock ...

With best wishes



Dear Doug,

Yes, the Vienna wall clock has been performing beautifully, and keeping near-perfect time since you returned it.

Best wishes,
Chris and Liesl



Dear Mr Stickley,

I would like to say that Mr Stickley has been extremely helpful and supportive and has done a first class job, when he bought the clock movement back I did not recognise it in its new clean state.
The clock is now in excellent working order and keeping good time.
I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone else, both for his excellent workmanship and his very fair attitude.

Best regards
Jean R



Dear Doug,

I would like to personally thank you for the excellent service you provided to me. In view of the problems I initially encountered with trying to get the clock restored your attention to my request for the clock to be brought back to its former glory is very much appreciated.
I would not hesitate to recommend your services in future.

Kind Regards

Peter T




Great job well done, many thanks.

Bob H




Cheque enclosed, thanks for your work, the clock looks very good and its ticking away good style.

Best regards

Robin D



Dear Mr Stickley,

Many thanks for the return of our clocks repaired and renovated and all are working superbly and in magnificent voice.
I have a number of friends with clock collections and I am passing your details on to them all, hope you get more business from up here.

Kind Regards

David B



Dear Doug,

I am delighted with the clock and the work you and the face painter (sorry don't know the professional name!) have done. It is a first class job!! We'll see how the chime goes tonight but I suspect we might have to plaster it. Thank you for sticking to the deadline and fixing it to the wall as well.
I would definitely recommend you and its nice to deal with a true professional. Wow thats enough praise! Best wishes ...

Kindest regards




Hi Doug,

Yes it's sedately ticking onward- just love the sound. The strike is not as loud as carriage clock upstairs, so no sleep disturbance. It's part of the family already!
Thanks for all your hard work and will attempt to prevent cats from dropping mice at it's feet!
Thanks for the reference - have printed it out just to prove he really did exist.





Hello Doug

I'm delighted with my clock; thank you so much for all the care and attention you gave it. We loved hearing it ticking away and striking last night.

Best wishes,



Good Morning Doug,

The clock is wonderful. I cannot remember hearing the chime before and it sounds lovely.
I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs their clock restoring.

Many thanks,





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