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Case Study: Twin Fusee Bracket Clock Restoration and Conservation for a client in Oxford.


A Fine Quality Bell Top Mahogany Cased, English Twin Fusee Bracket Clock,
The Eight Day Movement Bell Striking On The Hour, With An Engraved Brass Sheet Silvered Dial
Grant Fleet Street London No452 circa 1790


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A fine mahogany bell top bracket clock which I restored recently, the depth of colour to this case is outstanding, the whole clock was very "pure" from the date it was first made. Although it had undergone a repair to the front door of the case at some stage in its life, this really is a very minor issue and in no way detracts from this super bracket clock of this period.


Mahogany Bell Top Bracket clock - front



Case work

The case was very grimy and just required a sympathetic clean in order to bring the true colour back. The whole case was then lightly wax finished to achieve this glass like original patination.


Twin Fusee Bracket Clock - mechanism 1


Twin Fusee Bracket Clock - mechanism 2


Movement Work

A full clean and overhaul of the movement, including a full strip down of all parts removing old oil, dirt and debris etc. Polished two pivots true, Bushed center wheel pivot to going train, Bushed pin wheel to strike train, Stoned out wear from anchor pallet faces and burnish finish same, Polished gathering pallet tail, Make adjustments to rack tail in order for correct strike function, Make and fit new fusee great wheel locking keyhole washer, New repeat cord and pull, Supply and fit new steel lines, Dressed all steel screws, Oil, test and regulate movement.


Make and fit new fusee great wheel locking keyhole washer




Whilst the dial is in fair condition, the engraving had been rubbed shallow by previous "repairers" obviously when they were re silvering same, this then is making it difficult for the dial wax to stay in place, the dial has several areas of losses and as a result it does not look quite as clean cut as it otherwise would.

Having restored many of these engraved type dials the only way around this issue is to deepen the engraving in order to accept the replacement wax, this would be time consuming work to undertake with a very long lead time to have the work done.

Having advised then discussed this issue throughout with my client we decided to leave the dial in its present condition.



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